Sequence Safety is a series of safety program workbooks that can be used to audit and improve existing programs or build new programs from scratch. The workbooks feature a unique format that begin with compliance and the identification of required activities, and includes assignment of responsibility, safety activity performance support and documentation and a structure that supports sustainability. 

The workbooks follow a consistent design so that familiarity with one workbook will facilitate the use of any of the others.
Improvement is measured in small, sequential steps as individuals, groups and departments build safety skills and organizations sustain measurable change.

The workbooks can be filled in and saved -- to be improved or modified as requirements or conditions change. Required activities can often be documented using our Injury and Illness Program support forms, but where necessary additional task specific forms are provided.

Also, the workbooks are linked directly to Cal-OSHA resources to allow immediate access to code requirements and support resources. (Click the image on the right for enlarged view)

Sequence Safety Workbooks, when properly used, integrate compliance, provide for assigned responsibility and accountability, support performance, grow safety management skills and sustain on-going safety performance. 

When these pieces come together you will have built a safety program that works and will keep on working.